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Stun Baton Canada

So Why do I need the Stun Baton Canada – Taser Flashlight ?

Stun Baton Canada offers a unique and powerful LED flashlight combined with a high voltage electric shock for your everyday protection. The Survival Solutions (SS) Stun Baton!

==> Consider the following

If you walk at night

Stun baton Canada has the answer. Its smart to carry a flashlight to increase your visibility. What is even smarter is to carry a powerful LED flashlight equipped with a large capacity DC discharge at your fingertips!

Talk about discouraging any potential dangerous situation before it escalates. Enter then SS Stun Baton!

Attention Bikers and Cyclists

Legal Stun Baton Functions
On the road or back road, would it not feel good to know you have over 1,000,000 volts of persuasion in your backpack or saddle bags.

The question is not whether you want one, the question is who doesn’t want one?

==> Get yours while they are still in stock!


What was that noise outside? Stun Gun Canada

Feel a whole lot more secure checking it out with the Stun Baton Canada taser flashlight in your hand.

Nature calls… make sure you have 2.5Amps of protection along when you go to answer.

Hello Hikers

  • Ever feel a little vulnerable walking back down that trail after a long day?
  • It’s getting dark, you think you heard something in the bush ahead.
  • The hair starts to stand up on the back of your neck.
  • Hold it. With 1,000,000 volts just waiting to be released at the tip of your Survival Solutions electrifying Stun Gun you can certainly do the same to whatever the hell awaits ahead.
  • The odds just turned in your favor.
  • Stride down that path with confidence knowing you are the one to fear not some old grizzly bear.
  • Hold it, did I say grizzly, run like hell.
  • Throw the flashlight at it if you have too. But get the heck out of there quick.
  • If you ever seen the movie “Back Country” you’ll know what I mean.
  • Actually if you ever seen Back Country you’d probably never go in the bush again. lol.


Stun Baton Canada Icon

Its getting dark… your not back to your truck yet, not to worry.

Stun Baton Canada to the rescue.

The SS Stun Baton you have at your side has a long lasting super bright light to illuminate your surroundings.

Not to mention the ability to fight off any other creatures wishing to share your catch!!


The Survival Solutions Stun Gun is for defense against animals only…

No woman should be without one. You never know when you are going to run into one, animal that is.

Single or single mom, or does your husband work away from home?

Would you not feel a whole lot better with this Powerful Taser Flaslight by your side at night?


What are you waiting for?

==> Order Now! Avoid the disappointment that goes along with being told “this item is sold out”.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: The Amazing Stun Baton Canada Taser Flashlight

Powerful LED Flashlight Stun Baton Canada

The Survival Solutions (SS)  multi purpose Stun Baton would make a fantastic gift for people who are important to you in this life. You never know. Be prepared. Don’t be a victim!

Note: The SS Stun Baton is intended for use against animals only.
You must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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Legal Information for Owning a Taser in Canada